Staff Information

Teaching Staff (2019)

Principal Mr David Hodges
Reception / Year 1 Ms Stacey Roach
Year 2 / Year 3 Ms Karyn Eckert
Year 4 / Year 5 Mrs Suzanne Riches
Year 6 / Year 7 Ms Regan Birrell
NIT – Indonesian Ms Lyndal Chittleborough
NIT – Kitchen Garden & STEAM Ms Kathleen Best

Ancillary Staff (2019)

Robin Howard Finance, Kitchen Garden (upper primary), Administration, First Aid & Choir
Jackie Cooney Administration and First Aid, Learning Support (Inc. MultiLit), Morning Care, Barefoot Club, WHS and Young Leaders, Reader’s Theatre, Electrical Testing/Tagging, Young Leaders / Safety Ambassadors
Kelly Mudie Administration and Communications, First Aid, Learning Support (inc. TooSmart!, MultiLit & Classroom Support), Newsletter and Morning Care
Sally Osmond Administration, First Aid, Learning Support (inc. MultiLit, QuickSmart & Classroom Support), Garden Support and Resource Centre
Paul Tilden ICT and Computing Support
Danielle Murphy Kitchen Garden (junior primary)
Jeff Farnden Grounds and Maintenance
Louise Fry Cleaner
Pauline Roy Cleaner

Governing Council

Chair Anna Barkham
Deputy Chair Rebecca Fox
Secretary Jenni Robertson
Treasurer Dayna Gogic
Deputy Treasurer Leah Smith
Community Representative Louise Pickford
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