Learner Wellbeing and Behaviour Development

Behaviour Management

Our school provides a safe, caring, orderly and stimulating learning environment where the rights of all students to learn and all teachers to teach are supported and protected.

Staff, parents and students work together as a co-operative team to develop and promote consistent behavioural expectations and consequences. We believe in a collaborative problem solving method in relation to behaviour management and strive to use principles of restorative justice when resolving behaviour management issues.

Appropriate behaviour is actively encouraged. Appropriate behaviour is achieved through a success-oriented learning environment which strives to cater for the needs of all students

Students are responsible for their own decisions and behaviour and will be supported to accept the consequences of their behaviour. We find that logical and natural consequences have a more positive long term outcome for students than punitive and unnatural consequences.

Conflicts are inevitable in all human relationships and we will help to develop non-violent strategies to address and resolve these conflicts using restorative methods.

There are five fundamental school rules:

  1. Positive Communication: Listen to and follow staff instructions, interact and communicate with everybody in a positive and considerate way.
  2. Safety: Behave safely and help others feel safe – Play in a way so everyone has fun and stays safe.
  3. Respect: Treat others with respect and treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself.
  4. Property: Care for your own and others property, including that of the school.
  5. Environment: Maintain and develop our environment in a sustainable, respectful and caring way.

Particular examples of these rules are determined following consultation with students in each class and with the Student Council.

If students have difficulty in following these rules they will be asked to have time to themselves to consider their actions. Persistent problems will lead to suspension and referral to other agencies for assistance.

Regular communication with teachers will help us with combined efforts to maintain and develop excellent behaviour.

For more details on the school’s Behaviour Management Policy please contact the school office.

At Clarendon Primary, in line with our virtues, we will help to keep everyone safe by:

  • Acting on bullying reports made by students, parents and staff
  • Regularly conducting well-being audits
  • Keeping the Governing Council informed about policy development and school protocols.
  • Encouraging bystanders to report instances of bullying, victimisation or gang like behaviour

We will aim to change the behaviour of the student bullying by working through Restorative Practice questions such as:

  • What happened?
  • What were you thinking at the time?
  • Who has been affected by what you did? In what way?
  • What needs to be done to fix the problem?

We encourage all students to make positive choices about their behaviour and to work together so that we have a safe and happy school.

Anti-bullying Policy – Visit our Policies and Information section to see our anti bullying / harassment policy.

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